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Screen Printing Golf Shirts

Golf Shirt Screen Printing South Africa

Golf Shirt Screen Printing is an ancient but perfected process that involves transferring your artwork to specific screens. Each colour in your artwork requires its own separate screen. We force the ink through the mesh screen onto your golf shirt and cure it with high heat. This is the most common form of printing on golf shirts. It’s also still the most preferred method of printing on golf shirts.

Screen printing on golf shirts has the advantage of producing high-quality results. It’s cheap, and it becomes less expensive with high-volume print jobs. Let’s not forget that. The drawback of golf shirt screen printing is its limited colour palette. It restricts the range of colors you can use. Although it’s doable, it’s not suitable for small print jobs. And after some time of wearing and washing it, it can begin to crack.

Screen Printing Golf Shirts South Africa

Screen Printing Process

Step By Step Screen Printing Process



Screen Preparation

A mesh screen is selected and coated with a light-sensitive emulsion. The screen is then dried in a dark room.

Creating the Stencil

The design is printed onto a transparent film, which is placed on the prepared screen. The screen is exposed to bright light, which hardens the emulsion except where the design blocks the light.

Setting Up the Screen

The screen with the stencil is placed on the screen printing press. The shirt is positioned underneath the screen.

Applying Ink

Ink is placed on top of the screen. A squeegee is used to pull the ink across the screen, pushing it through the mesh where the design is, onto the shirt below.

Curing the Ink

The shirt is then passed through a dryer to cure the ink. This makes the design permanent and ensures it won’t wash off.

Quality Check

The printed shirt is checked for any mistakes or imperfections. Finishing: The shirts are folded, packed, and ready for delivery or sale.

Screen Printing Golf Shirts South Africa

Artwork Requirements

Please Follow These Artwork Guidlines To Avoid Delays And Bad Print

When it comes to screen printing, the final result is only as good as the original artwork. If you provide low-quality artwork, it will show in the printed design. To ensure the best outcome, always supply the original vector file format of your artwork. This way, each element can be moved and enlarged without any loss of quality or pixelation.

File Format



300 DPI



Artwork Size

1000 X 1000 PX




5-7 DAYS

Screen Printing Golf Shirts South Africa

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